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Other ICEP Services

International Student Center
Home to ICEP's main offices, the International Student Centerbecomes "home away from home" for many ICEP counselors when they first arrive in the USA. The International Student Center is a youth hostel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where ICEP counselors stay during Orientation and Evaluation conferences. Other members of your staff who seek a safe, clean and friendly place to stay while traveling through New York are welcome at the International Student Center for $30 per night. The Center is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and is located footsteps from Central Park on the B/C subway line.
We are happy to send you a supply of flyers for distribution to interested staff members.

Arts for Peace
Peace Education through Arts, Culture and Exposure

ICEP, in partnership with its sister program, Arts for PEACE, offers the following opportunities for summer camps in the USA:

Arts for Peace Workshops

In recent years, ICEP has organized Arts for PEACE workshops for campers and counselors at summer camps in the USA. The ICEP and Arts for PEACE workshops encourage campers to explore themes like “friendship” or “Nature” while creating individual art work, or collective art murals on canvas. These art workshops encourage children to celebrate the importance of art education, besides having fun with their creative skills. The collective art pieces help foster a sense of community, while also enabling children to share their talents toward creating art work that emerges out of collective responsibility and team work.

Exhibition & Art Exchange : The art work from summer camps [both individual and collective pieces] are also exhibited at the Arts for PEACE Gallery in New York City each year in the Fall, besides also being shared with children in other cultures and countries. Arts for PEACE workshops have been held in Mexico and Ghana, West Africa. Plans are afoot to have similar Arts for PEACE workshops in India and China later this year.

The children’s art work from the Arts for PEACE workshops in different parts of the world, including at American summer camps, will be exchanged and shared among and with these different communities so that the children get to exchange their art works and learn from this experience of sharing art between cultures. This idea of art exchange among children from different countries has been a fascinating experience for all of us involved. We can only emphasize that the value of art education for children and the larger community has never been more pertinent and urgent…than in our times NOW…!

Peace Education and Diversity Training

Diversity Training for Camps: The diversity within a camp community is an opportunity to learn from the multicultural tapestry of our world. We at the ICEP can offer training for you and your staff on how to celebrate and promote the cultural diversity that comes as a benefit of international staff placements. We can tailor a diversity curriculum to meet your camp’s needs and goals of international exchange.

For those camps that are interested in developing peace education concepts into their summer program, ICEP offers peace education training and consultancy services.

ICEP and Arts for PEACE programs are structured to . . .

Celebrate the diversity of peoples and cultures
Embrace the philosophy of non-violence to effect social change
Nurture the ARTS to inspire communities and strengthen social interaction
Educate individuals and communities to develop awareness about social concerns
Create opportunities for children and youth to challenge conflict, ignorance, and racism


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